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About Oxclose Church

Vision and Values

We are absolutely convinced that Jesus is good news for everyone. We are a family that offers a big welcome, a safe space to encounter Jesus, connect with the Father who loves us and experience His Holy Spirit. ​​

Our vision is to see the transformation of the communities that we are rooted in by enabling people to:

  • Experience the love of God.

  • Understand who God says they are.

  • Shape their lives around Jesus.

As a family we base our life together around three core values: 

  • Family For Everyone:

We believe that we are all children of God. God’s desire is for everyone to trust, love and know Him. It is through Jesus that we get to start this relationship with the Father who loves us so much.

God is a Father who runs to his children and has done everything to lift us out of shame, free us from the things that weighs us down and to remove anything that stains our soul. So we see people not as a strangers but as long lost family members who are coming home.​


  • Sharing Hope:

We are people of hope and aspiration - we aspire to be all we can be because of what Jesus has done for us and in us. We believe that everyone gets to live their best life now because of Jesus’ promise to bring life in all its fullness. That fullness is only found in Him and through Him.


  • Following Jesus:

We are a community who put their faith into action and want to do the things that Jesus did. We try to imitate Jesus in how he interacted with people showing compassion, mercy and honour to everyone. We believe that Jesus wants people to experience his kingdom and so we pray for the world, both near and far, and expect the miraculous to happen.​

Church Leadership

Gavin Rushton

Missional Leader

& Priest-in-Charge


Carol Lumsden

PCC Member

Grace Sidney

Safeguarding Office


Margaret Swan

Messy Church Leader

David Ford


admin@oxclosechurch .org.uk

John Killick

Area Dean Representative

Dawn Hudson

Ministry Student

Judith Wood

Toddlers Leader

Rita Grieves

Puppet Ministry

Maureen Killick


Barbara Bailey